Is SUCCESS right for you?

Do you care for a child that needs help to:
  • Follow classroom rules and behave appropriately in class room?
  • Get along with peers?
  • Express strong emotions appropriately?
  • Get along with adults?
  • Build confidence in his/her ability to learn and play independently?
  • Adjust to a stresssful life event or family transition?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, consider SUCCESS.


SUCCESS is a free service that pairs early learning programs with Early Childhood Mental Health Consultants to support the social, emotional, and behavioral health needs of identified children. We strive to collaborate with early learning programs to ensure all children have access to a safe and supportive learning environment, enter school ready to learn, and are poised for future success.

Our Services

SUCCESS offers consultation services to support children’s social and emotional development and to reduce challenging behaviors in the classroom. A variety of services are provided on-site at your program, and may include:

Brief consultations of individual children using classroom observations, standardized questionnaires, and conversations with program staff and children’s caregivers.

Feedback and recommendations provided to program staff and families regarding consultation findings.

Collaborative planning with program staff and families to identify strategies and supports.

Follow-up supports to integrate consultation recommendations, including:
  • Supporting staff to assess, plan for, and intervene with challenging classroom behavior.
  • Helping families get connected to community supports and services.
  • Consulting with programs to enhance their capacity to respond to children’s social, emotional, and behavioral health needs.

Our Staff

SUCCESS is staffed by Early Childhood Mental Health Consultants (ECMHCs). Our ECMHCs are graduate-level professionals who have expertise in early childhood mental health and experience providing consultation to early learning programs.

Referring to SUCCESS

If you have concerns about a child’s development, social and emotional skills, or behavior in the classroom, consider referring to SUCCESS. Families are important partners in our efforts to support young children and will be a part of the consultation process; therefore, families must agree to all referrals.
To learn more about our services or to make a referral, please call 401.793.8700. Our linked Tip Sheet provides strategies for talking with families about their child’s behavior and a referral to SUCCESS.


Please call 401-793-8700

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